Thursday, June 4, 2009

Are we in Africa yet?

My landlord was a lunatic, so I left.. that’s the short story, and now I’m residing in a hostel on long street .. I’ve been here for almost three weeks now… this has to be a record. And if it’s not I will be beating my own imaginary record in a few more weeks.

Tonight, I was sitting in my hostel lounge room, laying against the cozy powder puff sheeted couches, gritting my teeth and keeping warm by reading- proud of myself since I usually keep warm by getting online and holding my portable internet modem against me when a hostelmate/local South African walked up and said, “You know what you look like? A Kardashian!”

My immediate reaction was to say “OH NO” as I’ve unconsciously paired looks with personality. I’m also trying to stop drinking milkshakes at Royale and Pickwicks so calling me a Kardashian isn’t exactly what I’m trying to hear right now.

To this, the hostelenemy replied, “Oh you must not be Arab or Indian so that was offensive, are you?”
“I am Indian.”
“Oh sorry.”

So then he leaves, and he doesn’t believe I’m not a Kardashian. I’m reading first of all, but anyways he comes back and offers me a cupcake.
Anyone who knows me knows, if I could be a piece of food I would be a cupcake. Yellow with vanilla frosting and it’s not a metaphor for Indian on the inside, white on the outside.. it’s just a matter of taste.
I couldn’t accept this precious gift, as then I would be underhandedly admitting he was speaking the truth.
So I pass- and I win the war…

I come back to my bedroom to share this semi-exciting bit of hostel gossip with my one of my dormmates when I snap back into reality and realize I’m still surrounded by 30 Korean and Japanese backpackers who don’t speak much English. Apparently this hostel has 5 stars online in those countries. I’d call Laura- my ex-roommate/American partner in crime, but she’s in Jo’burg. It’s times like these I really miss home, and miss South Africa even more. I can’t write anymore as a German is coming to pick me up… perhaps HE will take me to South Africa….. a hot hot land where nobody knows who the Kardashians are.


AdamChang said...

Kardashian?! That's ridiculous!

What's wrong with Korean backpackers? jk.

I don't know what cupcake I'd be, but then again, if i were a food, i don't think i'd be a cupcake. If I were a dessert, it would be a tie between cupcake and cookie, the latter with the slight edge.

Hope you find your way! AND STAY WARM! Find some other source of heat...

Ashley said...

OMG, Anu! Are you still working? Sounds like you need to get out of that hostel, meet some locals, and have an adventure! Or just come back to Texas where you'll find an abundance of warmth! : ) I miss you mucho!

anu said...

hahah no worries friensies, i guess my humor isn't obvious enough. i love cape town, but the funniest strangest things keep happening here... i am working too so no worries and tons of awesome ppl hereh =D. i doooooo miss Austin tho, i'll always miss Austin no matter where i am! oh yeah and nothing is rwrong with koreans! they just are shy when it comes to talking to me :)

Phil said...

"I’m also trying to stop drinking milkshakes at Royale"

well... didn't look like you're able to manage that :)